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A great story invites you to transcend itself.


Master Arto

He trusted his talent when handing over his workshop to the young man who worked with him, and knew that he would write his own destiny.

Who knew this young man, who had no idea what would happen when he opened the door of his small workshop that day, would make a domino player!

In fact, it was inevitable to show that it was a talent that could create unique concepts and commercialize with its characteristic performance that did not comply with the rules…

Bilal Aykın signature that will witness to the origins of a centuries-old marine capabilities would be a well-known name beyond Turkey.

A relay race passing from father to son…

Over the years, repair and maintenance became the mainstay for this expert name. But in the footsteps of their father, this talent was not satisfactory for Ali and Hakkı brothers. Traditional intuition would not be enough for more strategic relations, better decision making for ships. They knew that very well…

The solution sought with the special initiative of the brothers was finally found in Italy:

‘Aykın Expertise’ has become important in Turkey’s western coast with 588-ton capable travellift service.

Centuries-old Experience

Aykınshipyard is now expanding its list of successful projects with its “One Stop Shop” concept and the “Package Supplier” providing both advanced ships and equipment. Aykınshipyard is proud to look back at the good history it has written for many years with it’s centuries-old experience. Few companies in the world can praise such experience.

If you're going to have a story, have a big story, or none at all.
Joseph Compbell





Aykın Shipyard

That’s a Corporate Timeline, Not a Brand Story

1972. Foundation

Founded in August

1972. Foundation

Founded in August

1972. Foundation

Founded in August

1972. Foundation

Founded in August

1972. Foundation

Founded in August

1972. Foundation

Founded in August


Choose AYKIN?

If I had an hour to solve a problem I'd spend 55 minutes thinking about the problem and five minutes thinking about solutions.
Albert Einstein

The tools used by industrial companies to be competitive have changed. Now those who invest in idea are one step ahead. For those who will make a difference is the keyword; EMPATHY…

Responding to critical situations quickly and with predictable quality is crucial for decision makers who focus on the value of continuous operations.

Finding a solution-oriented partner to prevent loss of income in unexpected situations is like finding an oasis in the waterless desert. We know…

Come on in, please come in. The extraordinaryness of Aykin’s world promises you what you are looking for.

  • Exceed patterns, find unusual
  • listen to problem and understand
  • Everything will be clear then.

Problems are often not the first solutions that come to mind. They require simple, misleading and surprising answers.

New questions and new solutions can only be found by thinking outside the patterns.

Aykın’s methodology chooses not to be convinced of what appears first when perceiving a problem. It is the characteristic approach of Aykın’s expertise in defining a problem to look for aspects that cannot be seen in the first place, pursue alternative strategies and calculate all assumptions. Empathy is the touchstone here. An effort to understand first.

Questioning the problem in multidimensional approach.

Questioning possible results

With a problem-based method

What is this method? How does Aykın apply this?

FIRST STAGE: ‘Empathy!’

Focuses on understanding people’s situations.


STEP TWO: Define!

Needs, problems, insights are defined.



Deal with assumptions to come up with unusual solutions / ideas.


STEP FOUR: Build a prototype

Issues and problems are made concrete in order to move to the starting phase in line with the assumptions deemed appropriate.


STEP FIVE: Test and Confirm!

Solutions / ideas are tested and confirmed. In the light of this, the final arrangements are made and a start is given for approval.

Listen to the whisper of the imagery; it says a lot…

Our age is the age of innovation… Time and asset values are more important than before. For all of us. Operations planned in such a world open the way for creative and innovative ideas. Listen to the whisper of imagery, no matter what work you are doing and what problem you are struggling with. They are the rabbits that guide Alice… So, do you want to reach Wonderland?

Guided by an century-old expertise that began in 1987, Being the most important strategic player of the region in Yolava Marina Area with its high potential and parking area consisting of two landing stages in an area of 40.000m2 and Tuzla Shipyard of 4500m2.

The first and only 588 ton transport potential in the region with a huge travellift service

Fast and solution-oriented competence

Cost-effective approach

With predictable time option

Aykın solution partnership is always on your side…

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