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Occupational health and safety is the highest priority of Aykın Shipyard and is strictly observed. All work is secured with top-level security protocols and risk analysis. Quality and efficient production is the way to create a safe and healthy environment. For this reason, the Aykın Shipyard takes care of the health and safety of its employees in the business environment and prevents the occurrence of job accidents. In order to provide these, Aykın Shipyard has ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management Standard, ISO 14001: 2004 Environmental Management International Standard and OHSAS 18001: 2007 Occupational Health and Safety Standard.

Aykın Shipyard aims to:
• Secure work tools and machines,
• Minimize the risks and prevent injuries and injuries,
• Identify instructions and rules to be applied in emergency situations,
• Provide vocational training to employees according to current standards and to improve their job security,
• Establish a working and production environment in accordance with legal requirements and other international standards,
• Ensure continuous development, persistence and consistency.

Protection of the environment as well as occupational health and safety are the constitutive elements of Aykın Shipyard. Aykın Shipyard offers its services and products with an environmentally friendly principle and keeps environmental health as important as human health. For this purpose, a management and working area in accordance with the national and international (ISO 14001: 2004) standards has been established. Aykın Shipyard supports the arrangements with new methods and infrastructure studies within the framework of continuous development and sustainability principles. Aykın Shipyard aims to give trainings to improve the environmental sensitivity of the whole working team and to create a conscious working environment to protect the environment health.

Aykın Shipyard gives priority to:
• Reduce air, water and soil pollution as possible as and to protect the environment we live in,
• Carry out the activities with the principle of protecting the seas and the coasts,
• Reduce and eliminate waste generation to prevent adverse effects to the environment.,
• Recycle waste as much as possible,
• Ensure that non-recyclable wastes are disposed of in accordance with the legal rules and international standards,
• Continuously work to reduce carbon emissions,
• Ensure the efficient use of natural resources and materials,
• Provide employees with necessary trainings to gain awareness of environment and work safety,
• Apply various rules and instructions to protect the environment in emergency situations,
• Aykın Shipyard gives priority to improve environmental standards by cooperating with local authorities and organizations related to shipbuilding.

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