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Aykın Shipyard

• Create sense of belonging and team spirit in employees
• Design and plan projects as detailed as possible in advance using related software and to keep all projects under control
• Be transparent and open to clients, to ensure that they can inspect their projects as they see fit,
• Provide an effective quality control system with a clear, just and measurable structure and to keep quality at the top level,
• Encourage all employees to feedback, ensuring continuous improvement with a good feedback system,
• Use an integrated system to ensure that all internal and external service personnel working within the organization work in harmony,
• Prevent accidents in safety, health and environment,
• Work with relevant local, national and international laws and requirements,
• Create the design and production standards of the shipyard, accelerating both the design and the production and increase the productivity,
• Providing early production in order to lower the cost of the vessels and improve quality,
• Make production with “design for production” philosophy in order to facilitate design and production,
• Make contracts and major construction plans that do not exceed limits of the shipyard,
• Create physical and virtual environments that shows the vital importance of material control.

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Contacts / Yalova
Devletyolu Altı Mahallesi, 77700 Çavuş Çiftliği Köyü Altınova/Yalova/TURKEY
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