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Repair and Maintenance

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Repair and Maintenance

In the past, I made many mistakes by considering the experts’ recommendations as the only “Right” option. Most of these recommendations were against my instincts and I often came across situations that I didn’t want as a result of these recommendations.

For the power of empathy!

“Now those who invest in idea are one step ahead. Keyword is empathy for those who will make a difference.”

A shipbuilding process optimizes the performance, longevity and improved equipment efficiency of the ship by taking into account the interaction of each of its elements. Well, what happens if they don’t?

  • Problem..
  • Uncertainty..
  • Cost
  • Competition power
  • Yes, just a big problem!
  • A problem…
  • And problems are difficult.
  • Obstacles.
  • We know it’s not easy.
  • But there’s no need to be afraid of them.

Good news!

Let’s talk about the issue at the beginning of our article …

Leaving yourself only under the direction of experts opens the doors to disaster.

Yes, experts know what is best in their field, but they may not have enough knowledge to know what’s right for you.

A wonderful advice from

``The experts must be ready, not the queen.``
Winston Churchill

For a leader, the situation is a bit different! The leader’s job is to look beyond, to unusual. See the big picture and then take an attentive decision. That’s the leader’s job. For you ..

It is hard to find a vision of a solution-oriented partner and a leader in order to prevent loss of income in unexpected situations.

Repair and Maintenance
Repair and Maintenance

But; “Solution must be found!”


Because Bilal Efendi’s words have become the vision of Aydın brand.

Tents do not rise on their own. When you start a job, don’t leave until you finish it. Whether big or small .. Either do it neatly or DO NOT!

The metaphor here is clear; You will listen first so that you will understand the problem. And then you won’t stop until you’re done!

Here is the point of view of Aykin’s methodology:

Exceed patterns, find unusual, listen to problem and understand. Everything will be clear then.

You can solve your ship’s problems with our innovative approaches and you may come up with new ways of solutions. This is Aykın. Do not be surprised. Access to a different solution system is behind this door…

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