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If it is time to say hello to a new life for a ship somewhere, there is Aykınshipyard, one of the world’s leading researchers, with a complete optimization service.


Designing practical, creative concepts according to requirements…

Yes, this is the inevitable result of Aykınshipyard knowledge.

Where is this knowledge used?

Aykınshipyard uses this information in the assessment of the ship’s competencies to ensure a viable, safe and cost-effective design and a full understanding of all performance factors. In doing so, it offers a complete optimization package using a combination of analytical methods and physical model tests.

Aykınshipyard improves existing equipment to meet current technical standards, meet customer requirements and provide overall improvement.

Combining Aykınshipyard’s efficient use of staff and resources and this mobilization ability to complete planned projects on time, it is not difficult to design practical and creative custom transformations to meet customer needs.

One of the key ways to get ahead in life is to show the willingness to say, ‘Why not!’ while others ask, ‘Why?.

As Harrison Ford said;

``Anyone who pushes to the end is the winner!``
Harrison Ford
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